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Can I get hacked from using SwiftKit?

No, there is no way you can be infected with a virus as a direct result of using SwiftKit.

If you, however, associate yourself with illegal activities such as Macroing, Warez, Pornography etc. you may become infected with a virus (such as a Keylogger). To prevent being infected, we recommend using the latest version of your Operating System (OS) and scanning regularly with an up-to-date Anti-virus system.

Remember though, the safety of SwiftKit can only be guaranteed if it is downloaded directly from http://www.SwiftKit.net, or http://www.download.com. These are the only sites where you can be sure your copy of SwiftKit is safe and legal.

We encourage you to scan every file you download from the internet yourself too. After all, it’s better to do extra prevention than to spend time curing.

When connecting to RuneScape, SwiftKit connects directly to RuneScape.com using the Internet Explorer control. This means that it's the same as simply opening your browser and typing in www.runescape.com. As such, connecting to RuneScape through SwiftKit is just as safe as connecting through your internet browser.

Remember, although SwiftKit is safe, there are other websites and programs that aren’t. No matter how safe you are, you are constantly at risk while connected to the internet. There are some websites that will download a virus to your computer without your knowledge, and pirated music, videos and software very often have viruses contained in the data. It is recommended that you use a firewall while connected to the internet to prevent unauthorized programs sending data from your computer, and regularly run a virus scan on your computer, preferably at least every fortnight. Preventing is easier than fixing. 

Are the SwiftKit Updates safe?

The simple answer is yes, it is not possible for malicous updates to be pushed out via the SwiftKit Launcher. The reason for this is because the Launcher protects you from any unofficial updates, for example the unlikely event that an update server ever got compromised. The launcher does this by checking the integrity of all updates downloaded, if the integrity check fails it will immediately stop the update and delete the file.

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