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I noticed RuneScape opens using Internet Explorer, why can't I set it to open with Firefox or Opera?

RuneScape uses the Internet Explorer control shdocvw.dll to load RuneScape in. That control is ideal for what we need, and works just the way we want it to. Unfortunately the control for Firefox is not up to par and lacks what the IE control provides. Unless Mozilla releases a better control, that Firefox switch is not going to happen.

If Mozilla has released a newer control and you believe we can implement it, please contact us.

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Visitor Comments
vto posted...

with firefox 3.5 maybe this can be possible? i cant stand IE and refuse to run it

EP posted...

Please support Firefox, I won't use IE.

Michael posted...

Plsss IE on rs wont work for me so ofc not swiftkit works if its connected with IE maked it mozilla plsss :(

Stormy Solitude posted...

I highly recommend making it availible to automatically recognize what browser us users are using to make the experience better. :)

joako posted...

i don't know where is the problem with mozilla, as i know it could be done with out any problems :)

Sergio posted...

It surely would help a lot if SK supported firefox :s

Joshua posted...

I run Google Chrome, and I can't open SwiftKit without the 'Error 339 LaVolpeAlphaImg.ocx' thing coming up. I'm not making IE my default browser, mine is just too damn slow. Will Google Chrome work?

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