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When I click the "Play RuneScape" button, It doesn't do anything!

Go to your SwiftKit directory and open the Data folder. (Default path is C:\Program Files\SwiftKit, if you changed this during the initial SwiftKit install it will be different)

Open Links.ini and change this line;




Save, close and try SK again.

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Griff posted...

This could help, but when i open my data folder for SwiftKit, links.ini is not included and i have no idea how to get it. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing many times but it is never included.

pissed of user posted...

the same thing hapened to me that so called "link" file dosent exist.

arctic posted...

When i click play runescape it say's Toolkit for runescape has encountered a problem and needs to close. I've done everything i think i can think of and it still says that every time i click play runescape, can someone please tell me what i should do?

lyghtangyht posted...

I don't even see the Directory file...

Gio posted...

It worked for me, thanks.

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