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Run-time Error 424: Object Required

This error is caused by Swiftkit being unable to set the required NTFS permissions.

To fix it go to your SwiftKit Data folder (By default this is C:\Program Files\SwiftKit\Data) open up GlobalSettings.ini

Under [Startup Options] put this line


Save and close, then try SwiftKit again.

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Demonheadge posted...

Tryed, Tryed and TRYED!...... =( Everytime I click Launch it keeps coming up with: "424- Object Required" (I click ok/close) "Run-time error '13':" "Type Mismatch" (I Click ok/close) (SHUT DOWN)

Volk posted...

i have the exact same problem... 424 object required and then runtime error 13 And SS just rescently started crashing on me 2.

L posted...

I have excatly same problem and I just can't fix it. :(

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