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I get Run-time error "70"?

Error: Permission Denied

Open Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DELETE) and make sure there are no processes called SwiftKit.exe running. If there are right click and end process them.

If that doesn't work, right click the SwiftKit icon and select "Run as administrator".

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Visitor Comments
Patben posted...

I get this error, and I followed the directions, but the error still comes and I can't start Swiftkit. Is there anything else I can do?

Apachemisile posted...

What you have stated will not work for me, and I do not see this 'swiftkit icon' Please if you don't mind, e-mail me or just edit this solution you have with other ways to get around this problem

And The Man posted...

this didnt work, ive tried all this, still didnt work. can u please email me the answer, thanks

Levimoosky posted...

Hey! I followed the steps but it don't worked for me. Please help! Thanks Levi

Forward posted...

Ive tried everything and it still does not work any other suggestions?

Sufferice posted...

Thank you soo much, I ran it as an Admin and it worked perfectly!

Billy posted...

i followed these intructions as well as going to the irc and asking for help and it still does not work. i reinstalled it many times and ran it as administrator and it did not work. so they told me to reboot my computer yesterday and it worked. but when i tried it today it doesnt work again....please email me and help me out

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