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I get Run-time error "711"?

Make sure you are the administrator of your computer.

If you installed SwiftKit to the default location:
1. Go to Start > Run and type: regsvr32 "c:\program files\swiftkit\swiftirc.ocx"

2. If you get an error with error code go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Right-click Command Prompt and select Run As Admin. Then type the regsvr command again.

After you have done this, and it tells you that it has succeeded then retry SwiftKit.

If that doesn't work and you recieve an error code, try this:

1. Make sure that you are the Administrator of your computer.
2. Go to Start than Accessories and right-click Command prompt and select Run as Administrator
3. Enter in regsvr32 "c:/program files/swiftkit/swiftirc.ocx"

If you still get the error you are going to have to do the following.

Make sure you are the administrator of your computer.

1. Go to Start > Run and type in regedit
2. Do a search for swiftIrc.SwiftIrcClient (Edit > Find)
3. For every key that you get an error on, right click it on the left hand side and select permissions. Click Advanced and then the Owner tab. Select the account that you are on and press OK.
4. Repeat step 3 till you no longer get any errors while searching.
5. Do the steps at the beginning of the article.

If all else fails you can request remote support by reading this article.

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Visitor Comments
Quinton posted...

its just comes up as registerserver in c:/program files/swiftkit/swiftirc.ocx failed. return code was 0x80004005

aceten1 posted...

yes what quin said same thing happen to me..

grow posted...

I've tried everything and it wont work :S. Can you guys try fix it ??

711FTL posted...

I have to do this EVERY TIME I WANT TO RUN SWIFT KIT. Fix it - PLEASE!!

tjfalcon posted...

Well, i just reinstaled my swiftkit, wich then it got error 13, but this error is a lot eaiser to repair then this one. and u only have to repair it ONCE. So yeah, thats what i did.

Expertas posted...

This doesnt work at all!

tolvan132 posted...

If u are using Windows Vista then just left click on Swiftkit icon on your desktop and press Run as administrator!! It also works on another games.

Teh T0by posted...

Ok On the third one i search it but i get no errors. It says theres a default Swiftkit.irc.irclaunch or wahtever.

TrueFailbrid posted...

Wow, fixed finally! Thise guides were clear but I was too dumb to understand them. Strider used teamviewer and fixed the whole thing in a matter of seconds! Thanks alot :))

Nestor posted...

Everytime i do the regedit step , it says access denied when i try to make changes to the permissions thing .

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