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I get Run-time error "75"?

Run-time error '75'
Path/File access error

If you receive this error while updating SwiftKit. Close SwiftKit, bring up the task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE and end process any SwiftKit.exe processes running.

If this fails, reboot your computer.

Another solution may be to right click the SwiftKit icon and select run as administrator.

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kevin posted...

hmm its not helping its staying at 6% the update version :S

an unknown user posted...

I have done everything you have said plus more, but still no updating when I want to use swiftkit I have to abort the update process which is annoying! any help please?

Dmck2b posted...

Ive done everything you said Ive even restarted my pc 7 times -.-. I have everything in the swiftkit folder as an administrator but nothings working update this pl0x

Andy posted...

Doesn't help me at all, i tried rebooting and closing swiftkit-rs.exe after dowloaded updates, but it automatically closes itself the comes up with the error when trying to install/save the updates as it needs to reboot.

jim posted...

well i loaded swiftkit but when i go to use my account it just brings up the error and closes the page every time i try it and im even doing it on an admin account

an unknown user posted...

i get this error when it load the pic for the calutors for some skills then it closes out swiftkit why is this?

arqueiro posted...

Thank you very much. I ran as an administrator and it worked :D

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