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Whenever I try and load RuneScape, I get this screen that says "Error_loader_savefile - Unable to save to cache."

This is because of the special data file RuneScape saves to your hard drive for high-definition play. SwiftKit doesn't have the necessary permissions to save that file.

To solve this, right-click the SwiftKit icon and select Run as Administrator.

To set this permanently..

1. Right-click the SwiftKit icon and select Properties

2. Choose the Compatability tab and check the box in Privilege Level


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Visitor Comments
matt posted...

where is the swiftkit icon you have to rightclick, im getting confused

Mich posted...

Thanks a lot, great that SK started this page automatically :)

Silverguy (Staff) posted...

The sk icon is the thing you click to start sk.

blake123134 posted...

my will not load when i click icon it says Navigation to the webpage was canceled and i ran the test and it said i failed both what do i do ?

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