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Below are a list of questions and answers regarding the Events Hub in SwiftKit. If your question is not answered below, please feel free to post it on the SwiftKit Forums.

Can everyone see events that I create?
No. The only way for someone to view an event that you have created is via the event import URL. So clans need not worry about outside members viewing their events.

How long do events stay listed?
Events are deleted from the database automatically 48 hours after the specified event date.

Can I delete an event?
No, as stated above events are deleted from the database automatically.

Can I modify an event I've already created?
Currently no, you will have to re-create it. This is something we'll be looking into in the future though.

How often does the reminder remind me when an event is about to start?
The event reminder will alert you 60, 30 and 15 minutes prior to an event starting.

How come when I put in an Event Info URL it keeps coming up as "INVALID URL"?
You need to enter a valid URL, which includes http:// at the begining.

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