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How do I backup my screenshots or copy them to another computer?

By default your screenshots will be saved into your SwiftKit install folder. Depending on what version of windows you have this should be either C:\Program files\SwiftKit\Screenshots or C:\program Files(x86)\Swiftkit\Screenshots

To back them up manually simply copy that folder to another location.

Or alternatively you can use cloud storage and have SwiftKit save your screenshots to a special folder on your computer that will then sync to your account online.

The following Cloud Storage Providers have been tested with SwiftKit and each provide a simple way for you to backup your screenshots.


logo  skyDrive  GoogleDrive



Each of these providers have a desktop application that you will need to download and install. If you have previously used one before it is likely you already have it installed.

Why do I have to install their desktop application?  That way SwiftKit doesn't need to handle any login credentials, permissions or manage the upload process. The respective applications will handle that for us.

How to setup SwiftKit to use cloud storage.


  1. Open SwiftKit then go to the View menu, Click Settings.
  2. Click the Screenshots tab.
  3. Under Screenshot path click the three dots (image)
  4. Navigate to one of the following folders and click ok
  • Dropbox - C:\Users\{windowsUserName}\Documents\My Dropbox\
  • SkyDrive - C:\Users\ {windowsUserName} \SkyDrive
  • Google Drive - C:\Users {windowsUserName} \Google Drive 

     5. Click Save and Close


If you have one of the above folders organised you can navigate to any subfolders they may contain and store the screenshots in there.

SwiftKit will now save all your screenshots to this folder then the desktop application for your provider will automatically upload a copy of it to your account. You can also backup existsing screenshots that are stored on your computer in your SwiftKit install folder to the cloud by moving them into the above folder.

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