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I need to install the Visual Basic run-time files. How do I do that?

Most modern computers have these files installed automatically, but sometimes they get deleted by accident or they're just not there.

1. Download the installation files from here. When you download them from the address above, you will get file named VB6.0-KB290887-X86.exe.

2. Run it, click yes to license agreement. Choose location where you want to extract them. It doesn't matter where, just place it on your desktop for exmaple.

3. There you will see a file called vbrun60sp6.exe. Run it, it will install all the necessary files.

If you see the confirmation screen saying it's been installed correctly, you're good to go.

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David posted...

What happens if I don't get the confirmation box?

Aira posted...

What a neat article. I had no inklnig.

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