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I've found a bug!

If you found a bug in SwiftKit, we'd love to hear about it!

You could submit a question, or post it in a new topic on the SwiftKit forums. Please remember when reporting a bug to include as much information as possible, including screenshots and your system information.

Bug abuse? As long as you don't affect others with it, don't worry about it. ;)

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cooldog posted...

My Swiftkit is not running high detail, but my regular internet explorer is. I'm not sure if its a "bug". But I just wanted to know how to make it run in High detail, And why It's not working.

Frosty K0 posted...

when i iuse swiftkit sometimes the page with the game on it will act strangely and not respond to clicking and then re-open with me still logged and and have like a click delay of 5 seconds... i would like to have this fixed becasue it forces me to play in the regular game client :(

smael posted...

i can't open summoning skill look up if i try to open skiftkit shuts down so i cant look how many i need to level greets

flossyfay posted...

I use SiftKit and use the IRC with in that, i cant log any channels/quiery's that have the "|" line in them. eg. #bingo (would save logs) but #b|ingo (with the seperater line) wouldnt save the logs.... Tried getting help with this everywhere, please help.

Kevin posted...

theirs some icons are not fit on my screens =/ and take's from the rsscript

Chris K posted...

when i open swiftkit it runs smoothly and everything is fine, but any time i open a second window through SK such as a calculator or alternate browser page, without fail, SK crashes.

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