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How to recover missing icons in IRC

Step 1

make sure that the icons are enabled

1. Open IRC
2. Click options on the Start Tab (or type /options)


3. Click the Appearance 2 tab
4. Make Sure "Nickname Icons" is checked


If the icons then appear next to their names it should now be fixed.

Step 2
Make sure you have the icon files

Go to your SwiftKit installation folder. By default this is C:\Program Files\SwiftKit

Open the Data Folder and make sure that the following files are present.

If they are not there you will need to reinstall SwiftKit

Step 3

If the files are present try the following

1. Uncheck "Nickname Icons"
2. Click Apply
3. Exit Right out of SwiftKit
4. Re-open SwiftKit and open IRC
5. Recheck Nickname Icons

The Icons should now be visible


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