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When I press the Prnt Scrn, SwiftKit doesn't take a screenshot and save it like it's supposed to!

Second to the IRC client, the print screen tool is one of the most popular features of SwiftKit. It can be quite frustrating when it's not working! These are a few steps to check to get them working:

1. RuneScape needs to be loaded for it to work. This is one of the most common solutions to the problem.
2. Go into View > Screenshot Viewer. Do you see them listed there? Vista might hide the screenshots in Windows Explorer. To fix this, click Show Compatability Files in Windows Explorer. 
3. Change your screenshot key to Insert via View > Settings. 
4. Change your screenshot path via View > Settings.
5. Try clicking the Take Screenshot button on the menubar.
6. Your Java might be corrupted, if reloading RuneScape dosen't fix it. Try the steps in this article.

If you've tried all of these methods and it STILL doesn't work, make a post in the SwiftKit forums so the appropriate staff can take a look at it.

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mouse posted...

ever since i started playing runescape this issue hasnt been a problem. its been there but didnt interfer an issue has come up where i need to take a screenshot of a program that isnt runescape. and i am unable to do so now. it only will work if i have swiftkit launched and am playing the runescape. i really need to take other non runescape screenshots/ please help

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