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Is SwiftKit Legal?

The latest version of SwiftKit, along with SwiftSwitch is 100% legal. We abide by every rule for 3rd party clients Jagex has set.

People who claim to have been "banned" from RuneScape because of SwiftKit are simply uninformed as to the real reason they were banned. While using the client is legal, mentioning it, or talking about it in-game violates an advertising rule.

Jagex does not endorse or recommend the use of 3rd party clients, so you will probably never see them talking about it or confirming anything.

Jagex's guidelines for 3rd party clients can be found here. Make your own judgment on SwiftKit's legality.

Still not convinced? Don't use SwiftKit.

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Santootjuhw posted...

Make your own judgement? Alright here it is: I think it's legal because I don't have reasons why it should be illegal =P

boomer posted...

for anyone doubting SK's trustworthiness: I came upon SK in early 2007 (when it was SwiftSwitch) and been in love with it ever since. I don't know how I efficiently rs'd at all without it. In (going on) 3 years I have not been keylogged, or virused by this program and don't expect to be. SK is the best utility around. Hope this helps your decision.

craig posted...

I love SK, I heard someone sayin they used it, and I was like "whats that?" I was Skeptical to use it B/c i thought it might be some keylogger but I've have used it ever since that day & Have loved every minute of it. ~~SwiftKit #1~~

TMW Shadow posted...

Hey guys, I know you might be wondering about this, but when jagex clarified the no 3rd party programs, Strider talked to Jagex and they changed the rule, which made SwiftKit legal.

Randomperson posted...

Used swift for years, stopped playing Runescape, and now I use it again, LOVE IT!

Bob posted...

Great kit! thanks

Fuzzie Kiwi posted...

I've been using Swiftkit since about 2008/2009. It's 100% safe ^^ you wont regret it! I can't Scape without it.

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