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Why my MP3 player doesn't play the songs?

If the Mp3 player in SwiftKit does not play songs, and instead just skips straight to the next song for all songs you may be missing the required Windows Media Run-Time files.

To obtain these files please download and install this files: WMP Runtime files

If this fails to solve the problem, and you are able to play Mp3's using a different player you may have the required codec disabled.

1. Go to Control Panel, open Sound and Audio devices. Click the Hardware tab.

2. Select Audio Codecs from the devices list and click properties.

3. Click the Properties tab, selected Windows Media Codec and click the properties button.

4. Make sure "Use this codec" is selected. If it is you can try changing the priority to something higher. For example if it's at 7 try changing it to 5.

Screenshot: View Screenshot for the above instructions

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Alex posted...

Is there anyway to make the swiftkit integrated music player use another player other than windows media player?

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