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Why can't I lookup my stats on SwiftKit?

When you try and lookup a stat, it keeps on loading, or it doesn't show anything. There might be two causes for this problem.


Check to make sure its not just your stats lookup doesn't work. Do a price search/database lookup. If that doesn't work either, you might have a firewall that is blocking SwiftKit's access to the Internet. Check your firewall/anti-virus software, along with Windows Firewall.

DNS Error

If other features work in SwiftKit, but its just the stats lookup that doesn't, there might be a small problem with the DNS routing. To check for this, see if you can load this page in your browser. You should be able to see random numbers, but if the page doesn't load, follow on with the steps. If it does load, try restarting SwiftKit.

1. Go to Start > Run
2. Type in ipconfig /flushdns and hit OK. Something should popup and close quickly.

3. Check now to see if you can load this. If you can, success! Restart your SwiftKit and it should work. If not, RuneScape might be having site troubles. Wait a bit and try again.

Don't forget to restart your SwiftKit after you finish these steps.

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farin posted...

Why doesn't swiftswitch work in my computer it shows that no-one is online ect..... y!

dragon posted...

when i try and look up my character it says username not found. only foes this for mine and my advent log is set to public

cptnasty posted...

did all of the above, still get 404 error on both links on help page. stats look up doesnt work, username not found. database search works fine. any other ideas?

Paladiction posted...

I did everything this asked, and I am still not able to get all the stats to come up on the look-up yet all my other data-base (creatures, items, etc) work. any suggestions?

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