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How do I open a new server connection and join a channel?

To connect to a New Server you have to do the following;

1. Press the New Server button on the Start tab on the chat.

You get this:

2. Type in the command /server (servername) which will connect to that server.

Like this:


3. After you press enter it connects to the server like this:


4. Now you are all set to use the new server and you can join channels by using the /join #channel name command.

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Visitor Comments
chris posted...

I cant type on the bow where you type command

dan posted...

my chat dont connect help???

max posted...

Error connecting to irc.swiftkit.net: Unable to resolve host name.

Andy posted...

I had the same problem: unable to resolve host name, can anyone help?

Myk posted...

2nd picture is wrong. it's irc.swiftirc.net

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