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A SwiftKit staff member has asked me to provide him/her with a "Diagnostic Output" - what does this mean and how do I do it?

For some bugs/errors with SwiftKit, you may be asked by a Staff member to provide a 'Diagnostic Output'

To access the Diagnostic dialog, Go to the Help menu then the Diagnostics button.

A Diagnostic test in SwiftKit consists of 2 tests: a Connection test and a Permissions test. These will provide the information about SwiftKit's setup and running environment on your computer to SwiftKit Staff.

Note: These tests provide us only with essential details to help us diagnose your problem.
It does not collect personal information or anything that can comprimise the safety of your computer.
Once you have finished the tests, print out a Diagnostic Ouput and copy it to the clip board.

You're done!

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alice posted...

since runescape had the system updates i have always had trouble logging in. This time it did the same. It said java error and after alot of trials i decided to delete java and reinstall. that didnt work so i went into my pc and installed went to file backups. Well i have java now and i can browse all of runescape but as soon as i click play runescape, the whole window shuts down.. Ahve any suggestions on what i can do to fix this proble? Thank you Alice

sjh2k posted...

I have same problem as "Alice" and entering Xmx256m in Java runtime paremeters didn't work. I can bring up Swiftkit on screen but when I click "Play Runscape" it immediatly gives me a box that says "Tookkit for Swiftkit has encountered a problem and needs to shut down" Then gives me an option to send error report to Microsoft. I miss my Swiftkit, but have given up as none of the options of help have worked. Im truly saddened that this problem can't be fixed so far.

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