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I've lost access to one of my SwiftKit profiles but I have important notes, settings, or other files I need to recover!

Whether your profile was corrupted or you've lost the password to it, losing key notes is a big scare for some. This article will guide you to recover those notes and import them back into your new working profile.

1. Navigate to the location your profile content is stored. To get to the Application Data folder hold down the windows key on your keyboard and press R. Then type one of the blow in:

For Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SwiftKit\Profiles

For Windows Vista/Win7:

2. Open your profile and copy the contents elsewhere temprarally, such as your desktop.
3. Create your new profile in SwiftKit.
4. Open up the profile directory and copy and paste the files you just recovered into your new profile, overwriting the content already in there.


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Hohoho865 posted...

You should also include that application data is sometimes hidden on some computers. To find app data, go as far as you can in your directory (c:documents and settings\all users or whatever it is for vista) and click on the search menu. then type in "application data", go under "more advanced options" and click the box for "search hidden files or folders", should come up first on the search list. double click that. You should be in app data now.

Anonymous posted...

I love you OP, thanks for the help

Nickw73 posted...

I've typed it in and theres no 'profile' file in my swiftkit folder. anything else to try?

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