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Remote Desktop Support

Occasionally there are times when the staff are unable to help solve a problem some users have with SwiftKit. So as a last resort it is possible to request remote desktop assistance with Stidor or a SwiftKit Senior Staff member. This method of support is not normally publicly available, however if you believe you have tried everything mentioned on the forums and in the knowledgebase then feel free to submit a request.

Remote desktop software allows someone to view / control your computer as if they were sitting with you in front of it, they see what you see on your screen. The software we use for this is TeamViewer which is free to download from http://www.teamviewer.com/download/index.aspx.

If you wish to request remote desktop support, you will need to first obtain TeamViewer;

Getting TeamViewer
Click the button at the bottom of the article.
Once downloaded, run it and it will give you a session ID and password.

Requesting Assistance
To request assistance from Stidor(Strider3282) you will first need to contact him email.
Send an e-mail to

There is no need to contact Stidor if another verified SwiftKit senior staff member or above has contacted you first.


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Visitor Comments
rsn:aceten1 posted...

Omg it totally worked,strider himself talks to you through msn or any type thing for live conversation and ask if he can uninstall and install etc. and your like incontrol the whole time. it took a decent time but was worth it, lol. thanks strider :)

Zachman posted...

AWESOME, fixed my swiftkit. Don't be afraid he's no hacker. Strider talks to you through MSN while he fixes the problem. Easy to do, if all else fails, this is the best solution =D

Andre posted...

It WORKS!!! My swiftkit did work for months and I tried everything the forums and knowledge base had to offer but still nothing. So I decided to message Strider on MSN and we did Remote Desktop control and we fixed the problem!! This is SAFE people he is a really good guy and stayed with me for an hour just to fix my problem! He will ask you when your ready and you can disconnect at any time if needed! Once again thank you for the help!!

Cougar1316 posted...

Have to say i felt sketchy at first but strider really knew what he was doing. very trustworthy and efficient, was crazy to watch someone know more about how to run your computer than you do yourself. no way i would have been able to do all that he did in the time and manner he did it. much thanks.

Jmcone posted...

If you cant get it to work you should contact strider. I would have never fixed my swiftkit by myself. I used team viewer with him. It does not take that long to get it fixed. He knows what he is doing. I suggest contacting him the just give up on it!

Nestor posted...

Strider doesnt reply to me through email and i cant pm him through irc cuz i cant open swiftkit ... Idk how to use zybez pm thingy either

Jimbobob posted...

I contacted him and suddenly he went offline :((

Sanyboi posted...

Finally got it fixed! It was all thanks to Strider!!! It looks like hes an expert at dealing with these types of problems. Thanks a lot again Strider! :)

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