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What are the shotcut keys in Swiftkit:Mac

Note that some of the shortcuts/features have been removed from SwiftKit version 0.3.0b due to the project being rewritten. You can expect these to return in later builds.

Select applet: Command + Enter
Toggle lookup: Command + E

Lookup player: Command + 1
Lookup price: Command + 2
Lookup alchemy: Command + 3

Minimise SwiftKit: Command + M

Take screenshot: Command + S
Screenshot viewer: Command + Shift + S

You can close SwiftKit by pressing Command + Q

If the applet is open when you quit, a confirmation prompt will be shown.

Shared shortcuts
In SwiftKit's menu, any shortcut that has the link symbol (as seen below) beside it describes a shortcut that is available while either the applet or SwiftKit is in the foreground.

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