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The stats lookup numbers are too large and it looks messy.

The main reason why this might happen is your DPI settings.

If you have Windows 7 or 8;

Right-click on your desktop and choose Personalize. Click on Display in the bottom left.

Then make sure it is set to 100% this will stop windows from displaying the interface larger then it needs to be.


If you have Windows XP/2000;

Go to My computer > Control pannel > Display.

Then click the settings tab and hit the advanced button. Under the general
tab theres the Display Settings, with a DPI option. If you have this
problem it's probably set to large size (120) DPI.

Change this back to Normal Size (96 DPI)

If you have Windows Vista;

Right-click on your desktop and choose Personalize.

Then choose Adjust font size (DPI) from the left column of the Personalization window. If UACView definition in a new window is on, you'll be prompted to approve your escalation of privileges.

If your dpi is not 96 then select it from the opening screen.


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Visitor Comments
Sesqui posted...

okay, when I click show internal utilities, it turns my rs interface white and I can't get it back up. What can I do?

Zpoon posted...

Sesqui, toggle the Internal Utilities on and off. The RuneScape playing screen should return. That's an issue with the Java.

lucas posted...

when I open the untils the letters are too big ive tried to change DPI. the untis also overlap each other at the bottem right of the screen and I can't use the bottem utils then what do i do?

Ethan posted...

when i go to open internal utilities my swift kit all of a sudden exits out what do i do ?

an unknown user posted...

i keep getting "run time error" everytime i click launch how can i sort this out?

an unknown user posted...

my screen is set at 1024x768. and dpi is 96 and stat lookup is still messed up

chad posted...

i did this for my window xp and stats still wont show up

Nico posted...

When i start Swiftkit my screen gets white and it says something with the navigation is wrong. Nothing works on Swiftkit. But i CAN play runescape through theyre normal website.

Steve posted...

All stat lookups say "username not found" and it seems to have something to do with the new Jagex website, as stat lookups worked just fine before then. The 96 dpi thing is just a red herring for me.

amarant113 posted...

Everything on my SK works completely fine except the player lookup, it always says "username not found" which is unlikely when its my own username, im aware that if stats are too low it wont display them, however I figured having 80+ stats would appear, otherwise the stat lookup is just a waste of time right? Besides this has worked for me in the past and ive looked up stats for pretty low level characters before.

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