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While playing RuneScape, I get the spinning rainbow wheel of death and SwiftKit crashes

This is usually (at the time of writing, 100% of the time) caused by Java. It will happen regardless of what client or browser you are using to play RuneScape.

Java is crashing, we think, due to some nasty redirect stuff Jagex has in the RuneScape applet. Some reasons why this may happen:

  • Accidentally performing the 'double finger swipe' to the left on a Magic Mouse/Trackpad ("go back")
  • Resizing the game window (rarely)
  • Clicking 'Play RS' while the applet is loaded
When the applet trys to redirect, there is some sort of issue between Java and OS X which causes SwiftKit to crash.

You will know the crash is about to happen when your RuneScape screen suddenly freezes, your cursor turns into the well known 'spinning rainbow wheel of death' and the client promptly closes and presents this error message:

To confirm it actually was Java that caused the crash, and not an error in our coding (again, at the time of writing the only crash is the one caused by Java), click on the Report... button.

Now you will be shown the details of the report you are about to send to Apple.

Notice the 'Crashed Thread: Java" part? That's what indicates it was a Java error that crashed SwiftKit.

If it does not say that, however, feel free to report the bug along with a copy of the entire crash report (like above, but the whole lot) on our SwiftKit Mac forum.

Also, do send the report to Apple if you have time. Maybe they will hurry up a fix for the problem.

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