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SwiftKit keeps crashing when RuneScape is loaded or being loaded. There is an issue with Java!

If you're having any issue with Java, with it being RuneScape will not load or it crashes, this should fix it:

Step 1:

1. Open up Control Panel, and go to Add/Remove Programs. (or type 'remove programs' into the start menu.

2. Uninstall all instances of Java

3. Go to C:\Program Files\Java and delete all the folders (C:\Program Files (x86)\Java for 64bit windows)

4. Reboot your computer

5. Download and install the latest version of Java using this installer;

The common thing we find is that when users install or update java they do so using either FireFox or Google Chrome. The issue here is that SwiftKit uses Internet Explorer and therefor automatic installs of java while using any browser other then IE will not necessarily be applied to SwiftKit.  The Java offline install however is browser independent and will install all the  necessarily Java files to work with SwiftKit. 


Step 2:

Please note that this step may have been deprecated as Jagex now include the runtime parameters as apart of the applet, overiding any stetting you have changed.

view settigns

1. From the Start menu click Control Panel.

2. In the Control Panel, click the view button and change it to 'Large/Small Icons' or 'Classic view', then choose the Java option. This should open a window entitled Java Control Panel.

3. Select the third tab 'Java' then, the view button.

4. In the box entitled Runtime Parameters enter -Xmx256M

5. Press OK to close the windows you opened.

6. Restart your computer to let the changes take effect. 

If this doesn't work, make sure you've followed the steps correctly.

 java settings

Step 3:

If RuneScape at this stage will not load try deleting your .jagex_cache_32 folder. This folder can be found on your System Drive.

(normally c:\)

If you are unable to locate this folder you may have hidden folders turned on or it may be located elsewhere running a Search should find this folder.

The  .jagex_cache_32 is the folder where all the RuneScape/FunOrb temporary files are stored. Deleting this folder will correct any errors you may have with the cached version of RuneScape on your computer.


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Visitor Comments
Jessiii posted...

Zpoon told me to link to resolve this problem, great help and it worked. Thanks. ;)

Trdpshr posted...

Hello. This helped, and fixed my problem. Thanks :D If I could also take this chance to tell you to make the instructions more in depth. Some steps with the steps are very vague, and you have to have some knowledge (Ex. C program filesjava) you should write that out as C:/program files/java Other than that, worked great :D

Steve posted...

Wow i didnt think this would work to solve my scroll issues (scrolling through banks and chat in game) but it did. Thank you for refering me Zpoon.

Sam posted...

I really was about to lose hope for SwiftKit. It's great and all but these crashes were driving me insane. But then I read this and we patched things up. <3 :] Follow this, it solved this problem perfectly.

Cantran posted...

hello again, i tried to play sk 1 more time and it worked! TYVM!!!

Jordan posted...

Ive tried this thing like 8 times now and it only worked about half the time and when it did work it would eventually start crash again the next day this is fucking bullshit. i love swiftkit as a program but its just not compatable or something. this is driving me crazy.

Dale posted...

Im on a mac and it keeps crashing ? http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/2057/20111027181313.png

Tom posted...

Thanks for the help, i followed all the steps except the 'restart computer' step yet it still worked! Once again, thank you, SwiftKit is working smoothly once again.

Kris posted...

This didn't help me any, I followed it word to word, and my Runescape still crashes whether on the downloaded client or on the site. Any other ideas.

Steven posted...

I've tried everything that was listed above but I'm still getting the crashes. I've posted on the java site all the error codes that were produced. How do I stop these crashes from continuing to happen? I've had swiftkit cause java crashes upwards of 15 times a day. I'm beginning to get upset.

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