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Swiftkit Internal utilities are overlaping RuneScape how do I fix this?

This guide has been written for Windows 7, Windows XP users are highly encouraged to upgrade to an operating System that wasn't written in the 90's or last century, to put it in perspective: do you still use a black and white mobile? Windows Vista users are off the hook for now.

RuneScape is forever evolving. SwiftKit was created before RuneScape HD. It was originally designed for what is now called "Fixed Mode" and was optimised for, at the time, Windows XP with a screen Resolution of 1024x768. That is 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high.

This meant that Swiftkit and it's utilities would fit around the outside of RuneScape perfectly.

Now over the last ~5 years RuneScape, SwiftKit and a number of other factors have continued to evolve. 

As of Feb 2012 RuneScape offers 3 modes in which it can be displayed: Fixed, Resizeable and Full Screen. Full Screen isn't relevant so we can skip that one.


Fixed mode This is what SwiftKit was originally designed for and will render correctly if you have a screen resolution of 1024x768 or grater, the minimum of 768px being most important.

Fixed mode Free to play This mode will have an advertisement above the game. There is no way to remove this Ad with out violating the RuneScape Terms of service. This means that SwiftKit will be unable to display the internal utilities and RuneScape at the same time unless you have a screen resolution with a minimum hight of 900px.

Resizable mode Free to play This mode will also have an advertisement above the game and will only render correctly with SwiftKit if you have a screen resolution with a minimum of 950px high.

Resizable mode This mode will only render correctly with SwiftKit if you have a screen resolution with a minimum of 820px high. This means that wide screen laptops that ship with the faked HD resolution of 1336x768 will not be able to render the game and SwiftKit internal utilities at the same time. 

Why is it Fake HD?

HD and Full HD are screen resolutions that have a ratio of 16:9. HD being 720 pixels high and Full HD being 1080 Pixels high. Now manufactures want to ship laptops has "HD" however 720px high is nowhere near enough room to meet the requirements of most applications let alone the windows UI. However back in 2007 when most computers where running Windows XP the average screen resolution was 1024x768 so applications like SwiftKit were optimised for the hight of 768. So what manufactures did was design screens that still had the ratio of 16:9 and the hight of 768px instead of 720. This meant that most laptops ship with a resolution of 1336x768 claiming to be HD when in fact they are not they just have a ratio of 16:9.

Why doesn't Resizable fit with a screen resolution height of 768px?

When in resizable mode RuneScape needs to place all the in-game interface with in a minimum of 545px high, there is no way to change this.

SwiftKit requires 45px for the menu bar and the Windows frame.

The Internal Utilities are been shrunk as much as possible without breaking the utilities themselves most notably the IRC client. They require 170px.

The Windows task-bar requires 40px

So a screen resolution of 768 - 545 - 45 - 170 - 40 = -32px.

Because RuneScape now requires 545px where as "Fixed Mode" required 500px there quite simply isn't enough room to display all of RuneScape SwiftKit and Windows at the same time with a resolution height of 768px.

How can I gain the 32px require to display RuneScape without SwiftKit overlapping?

Of the 4 factors taking up space only one can be changed. The Windows task-bar.
You have 2 Options.

1. Turn Small Icons on, This will shrink the Windows task-bar by 10px to 30px high. Now this may not be perfect however it may provide you with enough room to be able to click the bottom tabs of the RuneScape chat window.

2. Set the Windows Task-bar to auto hide. This will free up 40px which should be more then enough room to Render all of RuneScape and SwiftKit at the same time.

If you belive that your situation doesn't fall under what has been described above please post on our forums for further assistance.  





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