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How do I make effects with the text in IRC?

There are many effects that can be used within the SwiftKit IRC client.

Control + K will create a symbol that looks like the letter L, but smaller. This is the symbol for colour, for example └4 will make your writing red. └4,8 will make red text with a yellow background.

Control + B will create a symbol that looks like 'L' but backwards, and flipped. This is the symbol that will make your text bold, For example: ┐Hello!
Will create this: <[Sami]> Hello!

Reversed Text
Control + R will create a symbol for reversing your text, this lets your black text on white background become white text on black background. Here is what the symbol looks like: ┬

Control + U will allow you to underline your text, however there is no symbol that appears, remember that if you want to underline only one word or character that you must press Control + U again to end the underline. For Example: Underline
Will create: <[Sami]> Underline

Ending Codes
You can press Control + O to end your codes. For example if you have many codes: ┐ ┬Heya!└9,8 1337! *
* (The symbol looks like the sun)

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an unknown user posted...

I haven't found a way to italisize(spell check), or make something italic, yet I see it in IRC channel topics...

an unknown user posted...

This was great! i needed to find out how to change colors and it was right there. Thanks!

Ethan posted...

For Italics you use Alt + T. I remember it as Alt + T(ilt).

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