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How do I join the offical SwiftKit clan?

There are no requirements to join the Offical SwiftKit Clan. All that we ask is that every now and then you chip in at the citadel. 

We are a community of players who just want to get the most out of RuneScape and have others to play with.

Joining is simple, the fastest way to join is to enter the "Swiftkit" clan chat and asking an existing member to invite you. Just about all members have the ability to recruite new members.

Alternativly you can ask one of the Swiftkit staff on SwiftIRC to invite you.

The following SwiftKit staff members can recruite you. (In order of prefference)

  • Simmo
  • Mfgdjyb 
  • T-M-W
  • Marius 
  • Mak
  • Silverguy

Higher ranks will be given to user who are active, everyone has a say so please feel free to voice your oppion and suggestiond for the clan. This way we can work together to make sure it is a fun and active community for all.

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