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Where can I find Radio Stations?

You can find radio stations on the SwiftKit Radio Page, but if there isn't anything to your liking there, you can search a site called ShoutCast (http://www.shoutcast.com).

Here you can search for a radio station of your liking and play it right in SwiftKit! If you're unsure how to do this, follow the steps below:

1) Go to http://www.shoutcast.com and then click the Settings link at the bottom of the page. Or go to http://www.shoutcast.com/settings

 2) Select "Play SHOUTcast Stations in default player"


 3) Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.


4) Go to http://www.shoutcast.com/ and select your desired genre on the left hand side. 

5) Right click the Play Arrow next to the station you want to listen to. Then copy the Link. IE users choose "Copy shortcut"


6) Open Swiftkit Select the Music Tab then click Playlist option, Show Online Radio.


7) Click Add, Add Station.

8) Fill in the Name of the station, Then paste the copyed URL into the URL text field.

9) Click Save.

10)  Click Play.


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zac posted...

it still won't play the radios station's. It says it cannot play this stream......

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